House of Play is a social kinship on Landroval. Our name is taken from the poem you can find to the left, called Mar Vanwa Tyaliév, by J.R.R. Tolkien. We like to think of our kinship as that refound House of Lost Play.

The kinship was founded by a couple of over 30 moms who love gaming and playing with good friends. We started this kinship seeking a tight-knit group of men and women who are open to friendship, light-hearted RP (or not, as desired,) sharing in quests, helping each other with crafting, group content or just yapping about games/kids/life in kin chat. 

We structured House of Play to be Democratically run. Decisions are made by the kinship as a whole and the direction we take and how we grow will be determined by everyone. . Any kin member is welcome to apply for any administration position they wish, and the goal is for every kin member to have a voice. 

That's the businessy side - as for the social side, we revel in laughter and fun. We believe that wiping is how you learn your class and how to play that class within a group. Our goal is to win the day, of course, but beyond that our goal is to make connections with people, help each other learn and play and grow, and have a great time in Middle Earth. 

Who you are: Someone who likes that there are real, diverse, fascinating people manipulating those toons in-game. Someone who enjoys getting to know them, working together, and laughing. Someone who understands that real life comes first, and if someone needs to leave just before the final boss to change a diaper, help a kid with homework, or study for their final exam - we let them go with no worries. 

We are, at present, a healthy medium sized kinship - looking to grow, yes, but to grow slowly so our members can really get to know each other and no one gets lost or forgotten.

Oh, and if you have a suitcase full of vocabulary, a quick wit and a penchant for puns – bring all that along! A working knowledge of Gilbert & Sullivan and Monty Python is always sure to score you extra bonus points, good for public acclaim. 

If you've read this and are interested in talking to an officer, we look forward to welcoming anyone who is interested in hopping in and helping us hew a happy, harmonious House of Play. 

Contact the following officers in-game or apply here using the link you will find on the upper left of this homepage.

(Please be aware that, if you have not joined a guild on Guildlaunch before, you will be prompted to create a Guildaunch account BEFORE you will be able to apply to join our Kin page. After you've created that account, come back here and click Apply to kinship so that your account will have access to our content. If you are member of another kinship/guild you will still need to Apply to HoP in order to gain access. If you see this on the homepage, but do not see the Shoutbox or Forums links, you are NOT a member of, or logged into, the House of Play website.)

Saloriel, Leader
Flamenca, Officer

Mysterieth, AU timezone Officer 
Isucy - Officer
Feldorn, Officer
Batcher, Officer
Eedwyena, Officer
Wilawen, Officer
Enalie, Officer